About US

NGN Global is a leading  IT services and solution provider  focused on helping customers with all aspects of network and security requirements .We deliver enterprise-grade solutions for public and private sector clients in various industries including healthcare, education, finance, Information Technology, retail and manufacturing. Our solution portfolio includes a range of services including Professional Services, Managed Services , Support Services and Network Training.
We are passionate about technology. We value people. We believe in building long term customer relationship that underpin a business’s success. Our mission is to be your IT strategic partner & advisor  and to offer the best quality of services at affordable price. Our expert team with over 15 years of industry experience  is well equipped with relevant knowledge to  provide comprehensive network solutions to fit your unique business and industry requirements.

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Our Services


Here at  NGN we pride ourselves on providing complete and comprehensive  solutions , recommendations and designs services for your network infrastructure. In addition we are providing network implementation , network & Security assessment and Network management & Automation services under the professional services. For further information reach us on 0722334407 or email on info@ngnglobal.net


NGN Global’s Managed Network Service offering gives you peace of mind by managing your network infrastructure while enabling  you to focus your time and effort on growing your business. Our managed network services are fully customizable for your environment and guaranteed to cater your exact requirements. We ensure the safety and security of your network


As part of this training course portfolio, we offer customized trainings for corporates that solely focus on their own network infrastructure. This includes help on design, implementation, troubleshooting, and recommendations best practices. The focus of these trainings is to provide relevant hands-on knowledge to deploy and manage the required network technologies. For further information reach